Certified Student Membership

Certified Student Members are the latest edition to the SADM membership opportunities. If you are a student age 16 or 17 and are actively engaged as a dance teacher or assistant teacher with at least two years of prior experience, you may be qualified to join!

Check out the benefits and advantages to becoming a Certified Student Member:

  • Performance opportunities at SADM conventions
  • Ability to take classes in either the Teacher Room or Senior Room at SADM conventions
  • Potential opportunities to assist convention faculty upon request
  • Eligibility for memorial scholarships offered by SADM
  • Exclusive meetings and events during SADM conventions
  • Specific CSM T-shirts
  • Opportunity to earn voting privileges upon turning 18 and being obligated into the SADM general membership*

NOTE: In order to receive Active Member status, a CSM must be obligated within one year following his/her 18th birthday. If they do not comply, they must be re-tested for active membership. 

Certified Student members have special meetings at each SADM convention. They also receive an exclusive t-shirt. At SADM conventions, certified student members have the opportunity to perform at convention events.

If you have questions on the CSM program, please contact Anna Washko.


To apply to be a CSM, you must;

  1. Be 16 or 17 years of age.
  2. Complete the SADM Application for Membership and circle the CSM option.
  3. Pay the $40 application fee (one-time fee valid throught certified student membership).
  4. Obtain sponsorship by a member of SADM who is in good standing or provide two letters of recommendation in the field of dance who will vouch for the applicant's good moral character.
  5. Mail the completed form, sponsorship or recommendations, and application fee to: 
    Rosemary Turner, Chief Examiner
    39 Wesleyan Place
    Dallas, GA 30132
    Phone: 770-505-0525
  6. Pass the SADM exam in one or more of the following categories: tap, ballet, or jazz.