CSM Application Information

To apply to be a CSM, you must;

  1. Be 16 or 17 years of age.
  2. Complete the SADM Application for Membership and circle the CSM option.
  3. Pay the $40 application fee (one-time fee valid throught certified student membership).
  4. Obtain sponsorship by a member of SADM who is in good standing or provide two letters of recommendation in the field of dance who will vouch for the applicant's good moral character.
  5. Mail the completed form, sponsorship or recommendations, and application fee to: 
    Rosemary Turner, Chief Examiner
    39 Wesleyan Place
    Dallas, GA 30132
    Phone: 770-505-0525
  6. Pass the SADM exam in one or more of the following categories: tap, ballet, or jazz.